St Luke’s exquisite palette exhibition 2013

My first ever art prize win and how perfect that it’s been awarded by people whom I treasure, and people who inspire me, not only with my art my practice but with my life also.

Sending out a huge thanks to Louise, David and crew at St. Luke Artist Colourmen and Langridge Artist Supplies.

Who would have thought that all that chronic pain could lead to this much happiness. Bewildering really, but I’ll take it!

Read more, see more palettes:

Post from Mar 7, 2013

All done! Here is Ms Soula’s portrait. Pastel, conte, charcoal, pencil, on acrylic prepped palette. April 2013. I’m not sure if it’s for sale… stay tuned!

Once again my favorite art shop, St Luke, is hosting the brilliant and most ‘exquisite’ palette show. And I plan to join in this year, so hope to see you all at opening night.

Exhibition opens April 10th 6:30-8pm
32 Smith Street Collingwood