I’m sure it won’t be a surprise to many of you who have travelled beside us on our personal health mission over the past (almost) eight years. It’s been a rough ride and although finally on our feet, we’ve learned from our experience and know that ‘full steam ahead’ is not the best approach after a chronic pain journey.

Instead, we’re going to change our location and take the time we need to reflect, digest and plan our next phase of life, a life all about culture and creativity. We’re going to take advantage of our returned freedom and also the understanding of you, our brilliant clients, contractors and friends, to run ooi from a slightly different location… the East Coast of Tasmania.

We’ll be merging our social media profiles so make sure you’re following these three:
twitter: @__ooi__
instagram: ooi_creative_communication
facebook: ooiCreativeCommunication

As for office hours, there will be no such thing. And we’ll let everyone know when we’ll be up for visitors. We’ll be available on our mobiles (for some of the day) and via email (probably your best bet!). The CEO will certainly be travelling with us and is looking forward to sandy winds in his face.

We’ll be in transit and unavailable for any work from Sep 11 – 25th.

Signing off with great thanks for your understanding and some Dr Seuss wisdom:

“Only you can control your future.”