Drawing of The Banquet of Cleopatra, as a custom kitchen splashback.

Walls are like a blank canvas to Soula. Their location, size, position, proportion, surface and accessibility govern the medium and subject of the artwork.

When Soula and Theo were renovating their warehouse, time came to address the kitchen splashback. The kitchen is the place for good conversation, great food and drink. What could stimulate the space better than a drawing of Tiepolo’s ‘Banquet of Cleopatra‘?

As far as Soula knew it wasn’t possible to get an image on glass in a kitchen as the usual film used is not fire safe. But at the time Soula and Theo were working with The Splashback Company and they happened to be looking for an artist to showcase their new technology… fire rated print on glass!

The product has been a great success. Clive Peter’s, although sadly now closed, commissioned a Melbourne cityscape for a bathroom showroom. Pictured below is a concept of an ancient Greek theme which was created for a very special customer, Soula’s Mum, and most recently another commission was completed of a landscape of The Blue Mountains for a Sydney renovation (images to come).

Soula is available to draw any splashback idea. Just contact us on 0418 514 335 or email theo@ooi.com.au

Cleopatra & cooktop Cleopatra drawings Cleopatra Kitchen Cleopatra drawings Cleopatra drawings

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Mum’s Ancient Greek Splashback

Mum's Ancient Greek Splashback Mum's Ancient Greek Splashback

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