My Moleskine Lifelong Friends by Soula

Ecriture Infinie is an art project by Bili Bidjocka:

Well I can’t put the Infinite Writing information better myself. All I’m going to do is let you all know that I’ve been included in this fabulous project and you can be too. Or you can simply enjoy reading about it and learn where writing stands today (and at the very least hit this link and like my image!).

The following is text from the ecritureinfinie website:

A rite of passage.
Ecriture Infinie / Infinite Writing is the celebration of a 3500 year old invention: handwriting. For generations, men and women have put pen to paper to spread revolutionary ideas, request payments, run inner monologues, declare their love, make up stories, send death threats. What now?

Is handwriting still necessary?…. And that the feeling of holding a pen firmly in your hand, smell the paper, smudge your fingers with ink or graphite, turn a page, still is – for many of us – a beautiful feeling.

Eight giant-sized books.
Eight giant-sized books made of blank, silent pages. Occasionally one of the books makes its appearance around the world. A large writing desk, a lamp, a pen. One by one, people may approach the pages and leave their mark… The focus is not so much on the words, but on the gesture, the flow of the pen on paper, recorded on video. When each book is completed, it is sealed, wrapped, and hidden in a secret place, as in a time capsule. Will the people who will find the books in thousands of years be able to decipher it?

Join the art project, put it in writing.
This website is an invitation for you to join in the art project. Here you can track the travel of the Eighth Book in the Ecriture Infinie collection, which Moleskine contributed to the project, shaped as a giant-sized classic notebook. Or you can experiment with hybrid, analog-digital writing, sharing online images or videos testifying to the way you write by hand, and to why you do so. Leave your mark

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