Culture is very highly respected by us here at OoI. We don’t just walk up the street, just pop in to an exhibition, just scan the internet, we don’t just anything that culture offers us. We observe, take mental snapshots, put these in our brain where they’re processed, (and let’s be honest, sometimes we even think they’re forgotten), and they begin to simmer, evolve, shape, until they eventually pop out to provide the fillings of another idea all together… an idea progressed, grown and expanded.

For us, cultural snapshots broaden our mindset so that we can apply ourselves to both art and design, strengthening our skills and enriching our creativity, our work, actually… our lifestyle.

I scanned for an example of an enriched life where culture was the source for diverse and immense creativity.

I couldn’t go past the very happy and most inspiring couple, Charles and Ray Eames.

Just watch this for two minutes and observe how it’ll make you feel.

James Franco narrates Charles and Ray Eames film.