Project Description

Tanner Tiwi exhibition

Stage 2

Brief: A COVID-19 response and a growth spurt after 5 years of operation.

Outcome: Update business name to Queenscliff Gallery and focus on artist representation through more focused exhibitions. Transition workshops to specialised printmaking services (editioning and publishing).

Design team: Soula and Theo Mantalvanos

Stage 1

Client: Soula & Theo (us!), Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W)

Brief: New business concept and brand application (including location fitout)

Outcome: Gallery and print workshop in Queenscliff. Brand identity and application to WooCommerce website, promotional material, advertisements and stationery. Social media on most major platforms. Interior design, curation and special event planning.

Design team: Soula and Theo Mantalvanos