I’m a little excited…

A little while ago Blurb ran a competition seeking 100 books by Australian authors who had printed their books through this fabulous portal, and who were willing to donate a copy for the National Library of Australia’s archive. Well as if I wasn’t going to go for that!!!

I had joined Blurb and tested out their service with a trial short run of a project (that’s what’s fabulous about it, you can order just 1 book) and that was the wall mural of St.George that Theo and I painted at the Hellenic Republic. I was stumped when thinking of ways I could still enjoy this artwork around me, it wasn’t a journal I could pick up and it also made a nice gift for the Calombaris gang (had to thank them for all that foooooooooood! Want to read about it?).

So, when you google: soula, blurb, mural, you arrive and can ‘cite’ me in the beautiful National Library of Australia. Just chuffed!

And, furthermore, if you like the look of my book or just want to have a little bit of Melbourne ‘arty’ history sitting on your coffee table then you can buy it (yes, to keep!) from here: Blurb.

St. George. A Fresco style painting for the Hellenice Republic Restaurant

Book spread. Theo & Soula at the Hellenic Republic

Book spread. Mural detail