Who would have thought staring at the back of an easel could be so inspiring!

Not only inspiring, we were enthralled in this simple form of art on the eve that The Australian’s Sharon Verghis was publishing her article that questioned whether drawing was dead.

From an artist’s perspective, Soula particularly felt her own practise validated witnessing the push, pull and struggle she also experiences when drawing and aiming for likeness.

Barbie is a true creative spirit sharing energy, warmth and her incredible wisdom full heartedly. With great food, great wine (thanks Coal Valley, best we’ve tried in Tas), the sun beaming, waves swooshing and Rives paper and charcoal a plenty, we made it a day to remember. And Barbie’s portraits, well I’m sure you’ll agree that they answer Sharon Verghis’s question superbly… no, drawing is not dead.

Email, view or purchase Barbie’s work: barbiekjar.com