GSPF Dreamscape opening at Aesop

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Opening night of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2014. Ellie Malin and Soula Mantalvanos celebrated their collaboration with Aesop Fitzroy with some mulled wine, candle lights and their friends, family and community. The festival continues for 10 nights. View the gspf website for the full program and please don't forget... vote for Dreamscape, stand 35!

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A Moment in Gertrude, with Aesop Fitzroy

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Perfect. I could begin and end this post with that one single word. Honestly, I could not have asked for a better way to celebrate my Gertrude Streetscape etching than with Aesop Smith Street Fitzroy. My work hanging inside 'my' local Aesop store that's in 'my' neighbourhood with 'my' divine [...]

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It’s not ‘just’ culture

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Culture is very highly respected by us here at OoI. We don't just walk up the street, just pop in to an exhibition, just scan the internet, we don't just anything that culture offers us. We observe, take mental snapshots, put these in our brain where they're processed, (and let's [...]

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